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, 1 year ago
Job Description


Job description
Solution architect on Microservices and Cloud native architectures, Application and Platform Engineering.
Evangelist on Microservices architecture driven Open Banking API and Open Innovation Platforms in FinTech industry.
Creating IPs on products and frameworks in Microservice architecture driven API economy on cloud native platforms.
Creating a next generation solution with high performance low latency throughput using Spring boot, algorithms, Microservices, Kafka, and cloud native architecture.
Creating Multicloud DevOps integration solutions with Terraform, Jenkins, Python and Puppet based pipelines.
Creating integration and messaging solutions on both a throughput based low latency messaging (Kafka) as well as reliable messaging (ActiveMQ) over OpenShift platform.
Creating a next generation solution accelerator and technology framework for Microservices and API development using polyglot and cloud native FullStack technologies.
Solution experiences in enterprise architecture standards like Creating a low latency Architectures, HPC Architectures ,Legacy modernization Architectures , usage of standard patterns of programming and also specifically specialized in microservices and integration patterns which will be used for deploying a Microservice based API architecture orchestrating a distributed and compensating transaction shared nothing architecture.
Experience in solutioning Microsoft technologies and New age Front end architectures (Angular, react ) and Server side JavaScript (Node) preferable .
Capable of solutioning in and expert in more than one of specializations below:
GCP, Azure, OpenShift
Spring boot
Advanced Java
Pivotal Cloud Foundry
Cloud Native Architectures
Reactive architectures
Netflix OSS
NoSQL databases
Containers and Container orchestration using Docker Kubernetes

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